International tenor films promo for his island

This is Joseph Calleja’s second advertisement for his native Malta and the novelty is wearing off. The island’s ruling oligarchy consists of apologists for some the world’s ghastliest regimes, starting with Iran. It was about to host a state visit with full honours for Viktor Yanukovych before the Ukrainian nation toppled its corrupt president.

Not that you’d know from Joseph’s video.


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  • No, he’s not the only game in town. He wants to thinks so!

    The LSO’s sub-leader is Maltese, the associate-solo horn of the BBCSSO is Maltese, there are award winning jazz players living in France, composers spread all around and more.

    Calleja is just the horrible Malta Labour Party’s trophy.

  • Add these to the list:
    North Korea

    All with shady and secret dealings with the ruling oligarchy.

    One can also add the still secret contract dealing with the sale of passports to third world country individuals without a real need of residency.

    Malta is slowly but surely slipping into an elected dictatorship.

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