Hold the top notes: Kate Bush is coming back on tour

She hasn’t set foot on the road since 1979. And we haven’t got a day older.

Nice to see you back, Kate. But whatever happened to your record label?


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  • Never forget the first time I heard this performance of Wuthering Heights way back in New Zealand 1978. A complete jolt to the senses in every sense, especially if you know and love Emily Brontë’s masterpiece.

  • Totally sold old within fifteen minutes. Obviously real soprano rock musicians can sell. Her voice is a breath of fresh air in a world where so many female vocals that are not classical concentrate on Belt and Mix. So musch of what she sings in in her legit voice, and although lighter than the average operatic voice, her technique owes more to Classical Technique than to current trends in Contemporary Commercial Music.

    No wonder she is considered so influencial and is so widey admired amongst her peers.

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