Rupert Murdoch has a piano?

It is being reported that the media mogul needed medical treatment after an altercation with his ex-wife in the vicinity of the family piano.

We find this hard to believe.

Not that the ex-Murdochs may have had a difference of opinion. Happens in every marriage and no business of yours or ours or, of course, of the Murdoch-owned media.

But the claim that Rupert Murdoch had a musical instrument in his living room is a bit fantastical.

For what purpose? He has never shown a scintilla of interest in music.


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  • ah yes and Broadwoods were making wonderful hi-fi cabinets in the 1820s…..I have one….much better than IKEA….AND you can play Schubert on it!

  • What? Just because Rupert may not have made grand public announcements about music doesn’t mean he can’t play an instrument, or doesn’t like listening to someone else playing one, or didn’t want his children to have the opportunity of playing a piano at home, surely?

  • you will find that the Murdoch family have given significant endowment to “music” in their home location of Melbourne, via his mother’s activity.

  • I played at several social functions Rupert and Anna (previous wife) Murdoch held at their home. Yes, there was a grand piano, for which we musicians were very grateful. Chamber music is not the same on a synth.

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