Putin’s scared shirtless

The Russian president has offed his top, again. Why does he do it? Auditioning for a part in Billy Budd?

We hear Anna Netrebko had to be gently persuaded not to join the Sochi ride, in role.

putin shirtless

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  • Probably does it mostly so that everyone sees that he’s in good physical shape — at least on the exterior level. But he’s definitely a macho, and that is how he wants the world to perceive him.

    I can see Barack Obama doing this — but it’s really not fair because there are some political leaders whom we really DON’T want to see like this (I’m sure everyone can fill in some of the blanks here…)

  • I wish old Tikhon were still around to compose a 90-minute paean “Ode to Our Virile Leader’s Fiercely Masculine Pectoral Muscles” for tenor, baritone, chorus, girls’ chorus, and full orchestra.

  • Hate to start yelling about the Czar’s new clothes (or lack of them), but the person in the picture is definitely not “in shape,” at least by the prevailing standards at boutique gyms in NYC. There are many guys older than Putin at my gym that don’t have such saggy pecs and folds of midbody fat oozing over their belts. What he needs a good gay conditioning coach.

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