Mayor says he’ll liquidate Rome Opera and Muti will quit if strike goes ahead

It’s getting nasty again in Rome. Graham Spicer reports from Milan that theatre staff are theatening to strike opening night. The Mayor, Ignazio Marino, says if they do that again he’ll shut the place down for good. Riccardo Muti, the music director, has indicated he will leave if the unrest continues. His daughter Chiara, is directing Manon Lescaut, and Muti is working with Anna Netrebko for the first time.

Unless the strike goes ahead.


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    • There’s no substantive info on Graham Spicer’s site, which is the source. The last time this came up, in November, the issue was financial security of the company. It was no reason to strike then, and the concern was not resolved then, either. Ditto this week!

      But we will see how it plays out on or before Thursday evening!

  • There was a strike at the Rome Opera in January. The opening night of the Ravel double-bill was cancelled. Very sad, but there was little publicity about that. Graham seems to be entirely reliable as a source.

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