‘Hand of God’ supports Venezuela regime

‘Hand of God’ supports Venezuela regime


norman lebrecht

February 25, 2014

Diego Maradona, multimillionaire and World Cup cheat, has sent the following message to the embattled Caracas government:

Por todas las mentiras que están diciendo y creando los imperialistas.

Yo estoy dispuesto a ser un soldado de Venezuela para lo que manden, porque la verdad estos señores, si se les puede decir señores, ya dan asco.

For all the lies the imperialists are saying and creating… I am ready to be a soldier of Venezuela for what they tell, because the truth these gentlemen, if you can call them gentlemen, and they suck.’

Long live Chavez and long last Maduro!


Here’s the latest image of Caracas at night:

caracas burns


  • Jan Wagner says:

    Dear Mr. Lebrecht,

    I am grateful for your posting of this fantastic pronouncement by Maradona.

    Both the photo and the texts speak volumes to the kind of alliances the government of Chavez/Maduro

    continue to cultivate.



  • José Bergher says:

    It would be nice to see [redacted] immolate himself for the criminal Maduro. Maradona could even hire a full orchestra to play the Immolation scene from Wagner’s “Madurochávezdämmerung.”

    • José Bergher says:

      By the way, when I wrote “Wagner’s ‘ Madurochávezdämmerung'” I was referring to Richard, not to

      my admired fellow citizen and wonderful conductor Jan Wagner.

  • Michael A. says:

    “Diego Maradona, multimillionaire and World Cup cheat […]”

    Norman, your obsession with sensationalizing and demonizing is pathetic. It is sad you have not gotten over what Maradona did to England at the World Cup in 1986, but the man’s bank account, along with his sporting deeds and misdeeds, is not the issue here. Maradona is one of the greatest football players ever – no more, no less. Since when was he a respected commentator on International Relations? What is his relevance on a music and culture blog? Still, the man’s views clash with your own biases, so you defame his character. Above is not a witty caption, but a sad reflection of your own sub-tabloid standards. The Sun would be proud. Maradona is, in all likelihood, a singularly unsympathetic person, and the actions of the Maduro regime appear categorically reprehensible, yet your editorializing on Maradona’s character is as misjudged as his defense of the Venezuelan regime. Neither his ego nor yours is helping anybody.

    Please just stop it.

      • timwalton3 says:

        Well said Norman

        Of course he is a cheat.

        The trouble is most ‘Premiere’ footballers areound the world are overpaid spoilt brats, many with limited intelligence (you could also include many managers)

        For example a club has decided to pay one particular footballer £300.000 a week for kicking a football around a piece of grass for 90 minutes a week.

        That is obscene by any normal standards when there are millions around the world who are starving.

        I am 65 years old & I am proud that I have never watched a football match. I wouldn’t even go if I was paid – unless it was £300.000 perhaps, but i still wouldn’t enjoy it!!

    • Marguerite Foxon says:

      I agree. This blog is supposed to be about music. This has no relationship to music at all.

      • Deborah PROCTER says:

        I agree Marguerite that this is a blog about music. If we are going into politics then there are many things to consider in this complex situation in Venezuela where there are many different issues, interests and opinions. I suppose that Maradona speaks as someone who came from the slums of Argentina and knows what poverty is like – he visited Castro in Cuba many times and was struck by the fact that all the children had shoes on their feet. I’m writing from Argentina which I’ve visited many times though I am from Wales so I know a little how complicated is the balance of power in Latin America – you have to think oil, cocaine, beef, land, water – all emotive topics that cannot be adequately be discussed in a music blog for professionals and lovers of music. Just do a quick google to find the kind of issues that are all bubbling to the surface such as in this article which gives a taste of the complexities that are all pertinent global questions. http://newint.org/blog/2013/03/27/venezuela-yukpa-romero

  • Greg Hlatky says:

    “I got mine. Long live the Bolivarian revolution!”

  • Carlos Majlis says:

    Maradona is an very ignorant, mentally week, morally extremely low, politically stupid addict, who’s only god is easy money. He made me sick, nauseated and ashamed. Can’t stand him.