Flash! Kiev Conservatoire is on fire

kiev conservatory

The building, on the edge of the Maidan, has caught fire during clashes between police and demonstrators.

The National Music Academy is named after Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and founded in 1913. Police and protesters have been hurling firebombs and stun grenades at each other.

UPDATE: Our correspondent adds: The building was evacuated and the fire extinguished. For the moment protesters use it as a hospital… Everything is changing every hour, you understand…

kiev conservatory



REUTERS/Olga Yakimovich

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  • It is a great pity. This building is a prime property in Kyiv. Spacious, beautiful and right at the main square of course. My Ukrainian friends told me that there has been some pressure from property investors to relocate the conservatoire away from this site. I suspect there might be a legitimate fear that if the building gets damaged and the conservatoire is “temporarily” relocated then it may never return to this location again.

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