Breaking: Maestro cancels two months with shoulder pains

Daniele Gatti has cancelled all professional engagements for the next two months on medical advice. He is suffering from a tendinopathy of both shoulders, an inflammation that will take time to abate.

Franz Welser-Möst, himself no stranger to back pain, will take over the Vienna Oper aqnd Philharmonic engagements at Carnegie Hall.

We wish Daniele a swift recovery.

daniele gatti

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    • You have to be joking – That is one of the most ridiculous/stupid/crass comments I ever heard. If that’s what Americans think then God help us.

      He came to Symphony Hall with the RPO to do Mahler 8 in 2006 with a normal sized orchestra & a choir of about 100.

      It was abysmal – a student orchestra could have done a better job.

      I wouldn’t go to hear a concert with him conducting-even if I was paid.

      • Wow that’s a statement… Unfortunately for you, Gatti IS a fascinating Mahlerian. And it seems the five leading orchestras in the world would subscribe that…

        • Perhaps it is & it’s all accounting to taste I know.

          I have heard over 200 live performances of the Mahler Symphonies so I think I know a bit, even as an amateur, about who I think are true Mahlerians & who are just trying to get to that level.

        • Sorry I should have said.

          Birmingham UK. Easily the finest concert hall in the UK.

          I could have attached a complete list in ‘pdf’ form but I have no idea how to!

          • You can’t attach a PDF list here but you can upload it to an open shared folder on a file hosting site such as Google Drive and then post the link here.

            Or you can simply type in your top dozen or so names here, preferably with a few comments. It would also be helpful if you could enlighten us more just why Gatti is such a terrible “non-Mahlerian”. Have you followed his ongoing cycle with the ONdF? I thought some of those performances, especially 3 and 5, were really quite impressive and committed.

  • The Vienna Philharmonic has a tour of the California coast on tap for March, and Gatti was supposed to handle the Schubert Unfinished and Mahler 4th. The other guys on tour with the orchestra at the same time (Welser Most and Andris Nelsons) are booked between Vienna dates with their respective orchestras in Cleveland and Boston.

    Barenboim, Rattle, Maazel, Bychkov, Harding, Dohnanyi, and Mehta seem locked up. Abbado is gone, sadly. Not sure what Haitink is doing. Who might swoop in and save the day?

  • According to the press release this morning from Carnegie Hall, Welser-Möst will conduct the Wozzeck. Not sure who’s covering the concert in mid-March. It’s listed as TBA.

    • Yes, that worked. It’s an interesting list – and a little obsessive, too, with all the timings, in some cases even of individual movements, don’t you think? I guess that’s the musical equivalent of train spotting! 🙂

      Do you only keep a list for Mahler performances, or for other composers, too?

      It doesn’t explain though who, in your opinion, are the “true Mahlerians”, and why Gatti is so “abysmal”. I don’t think he is the Second Coming of Mahler either, but he is certainly not that bad.

  • Uncle Lorin comes to the rescue again, according to the Philharmonic Society of Orange County’s website. He’ll be conducting the Schubert and Mahler/Vienna Philharmonic concert in Costa Mesa on March 3rd. Honestly, I’m thrilled at Maazel took over at the last minute.

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