International violinist is replaced by local teen

International violinist is replaced by local teen


norman lebrecht

January 08, 2014

Christian Tetzlaff was planning to warm up for his Los Angeles date with a Mendelssohn workout at the Naples Philharmonic. But then he cancelled the trip at short notice.

The LA Phil had to change its concerto amid much fuss, but managed to find a player of international calibre. Naples booked a local unknown. Read on here.



Tetz is due to tour Europe next week with the Vienna Phil. Wonder who they’ve got in reserve.


  • David Boxwell says:

    Hoopes, listen to me, Hoopes . . . you’re going out a youngster, but you’ve _got_ to come back a star!

  • Stephen Burns says:

    Well that’s one way to save 50k

  • Brian says:


    You’re making it sound almost as though Naples has settled for a second rate hack as a replacement. This “kid” obviously has some major chops, having performed with the likes of the SF Symphony, among others. I wish Mr. Hoopes the very best of luck. Naples is certainly fortunate to have him.

  • Phil says:

    .. ‘or an international who happened to live locally’ would be another way of putting it.

  • Herbert Glass says:

    Norman —

    Further to… Tetz was to have played the Schoenberg Concerto with the L.A. Philharmonic. He’ll be replaced by Augustin Hadelich playing the Beethoven Concerto. The concerts were to have been conducted by the ever-more quixotic Christoph Eschenbach, whose place will be taken by the peripatetic Edo de, who, Waarts(s) and all, is ever-welcome.

  • Herbert Glass says:

    Being “clever” too fast… read that as “Waart(s)” and all

  • David Filner says:

    The artistic team of the Naples Philharmonic would like to clarify a few points about this story. Christian Tetzlaff arrived in Naples on New Year’s Day. On January 2nd, Christian visited the doctor who unfortunately confirmed that Christian was very ill and unable to perform. We immediately worked to find a replacement for Christian for the performance the next day. Due to the limited time, the fact that many artists and agents were still enjoying the holidays, and a huge snowstorm that threatened to shut down travel in and out of the East Coast, finding a replacement artist who would be able to travel to Naples and play Mendelssohn with fewer than 24 hours’ notice was a complicated task. However, we were very proud to have engaged Chad Hoopes to perform on such short notice with our Music Director Andrey Boreyko and the Naples Philharmonic. Although Chad spent the first few years of his life in Naples, he is truly an international artist who is currently based in Germany and has performed with the likes of the Cleveland Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, and Pittsburgh Symphony. In addition, he recently recorded the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto and the Adams Violin Concerto with Kristian Järvi and the MDR Radio Symphony Orchestra, which is scheduled to be released this spring. As you can read in the review of the performance, the concert was a great success.

  • MarieTherese says:

    Chad Hoopes is an extremely talented young artist and a very nice young man to boot. I’ve been lucky enough to hear him play several times and can guarantee that audience will be quite please.

  • John says:

    Chad Hoopes is not just some local kid- he is a world-class artist! Granted, he may not have lived long enough to develop the reputation of somebody like Christian Tetzlaff, but he has show talent and musicality from a young age. It might be a good thing for Naples if Hoopes were to appear instead of Tetzlaff- the audience would see, and perhaps grow to support, a rising star.

  • Norman, you could not be more mistaken about Chad Hoopes and his stature as a concert violinist. He opened the New Haven Symphony Orchestra season in October with Mendelssohn and blew our audiences away. This was a return performance for him and we considered ourselves lucky indeed to get him. Chad has been an IMG artist since right after winning the Menuhin Competition at age 12 and has pretty much made the rounds of the US and Europe ever since. He is a powerful and incredible artist, and clearly not some “unknown local!” Although Hoopes was born in Naples, he was raised in Minnesota and Cleveland and is currently a Kronberg Master living in Germany and touring the world. His first CD is due out in the Spring and it’s going to make a huge splash in the industry. It won’t be long before his concerts sell out in all the major capitals of the world, and you, my friend, may find yourself fighting for a ticket. 🙂