How did Chuchi do at the Met?

How did Chuchi do at the Met?


norman lebrecht

January 11, 2014

Stepping in late to a production tailor-made for Anna Netrebko, our NYCR critic reckons the Canadian soprano was spot-on. The more so since she was singing opposite Netrebko’s ex.

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Photo: Ken Howard

a warm, buttery soprano that could be caressing or cajoling and her expressive, flexible phrasing complemented a delightful physical vivacity that makes her a valuable artist to fill the Met’s light lyric Fach.

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  • Wagamama says:

    She was very good indeed, although she lacked certain “punch” in the more dramatic parts, like the finale and “Esulti pur la barbara”. Definitely should be singing and not just covering.

  • The more so since she was singing with an amazing cast which included Erwin Schrott and Ramón Vargas.

    Why are you people so obsessed with AN even when she is not there, instead of giving credit to Chuchman, Schrott and Vargas? They did an amazing job. Netrebko was just absent – and this is supposed to be a music blog, so I’d rather talk about the music instead of yet another serial canceller (as if we needed more)… don’t you agree?

    So, props to Chuchman, Schrott and Vargas for doing an excellent job! And congratulations to Chuchman in particular for her brilliant MET debut!