Policeman is praised for playing piano (badly) while on duty

Policeman is praised for playing piano (badly) while on duty


norman lebrecht

December 15, 2013

Prague’s police chief has praised a young officer who took time out from patrol to play a Korean tune. Police chief Martin Cervicek said the new recruit had greatly improved the image of the police force. His performance was filmed on a mobile phone and has gone viral on youtube. The tune is A River Flows In You, by a South Korean composer, Yiruma.

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  • Paul says:

    I mean, yeah it’s a cheesy pop song, but I wouldn’t call the playing “bad” necessarily. He’s obviously not a professional pianist, but plays decently enough. 😉

  • Prewartreasure says:

    Am I allowed a few lines, Norman, to recall this little tale that has been resting quietly in my memory bank for 49 years? Great, thank you..

    Then (in 1964) I was an operational detective in a small city Force (in the days when England had a cricket team AND a proper police service) On this particular day, around noon, I was on patrol in an unmarked car, accompanied by a younger member of the Force who was undergoing training under my tutelage.

    We received a message over the radio: ‘Go immediately to the Railway Social Club. The alarm has sounded’. Arriving at the scene several minutes later we quickly realised all was well. The club barman had ‘opened-up’ for the lunchtime session, and had forgotten to do the necessary with the alarm. Club members present, many of whom were already engaged in quaffing pints of McEwans’s Pale Ale, were highly amused with what had occurred.

    Naturally we accepted with good grace the offer of a beer. We were stood there chattering away when my young colleague noticed an electric organ in the corner of the room. ‘Does anyone play that?’ he asked. ‘No, hasn’t been played for ages’ replied the barman, ‘Why, do you fancy giving us all a tune seeing that we’re close to Christmas?’

    Without more ado, my trainee sat himself at the keyboard. The steward switched the organ ‘on’ and moments later all present (including me) were aghast (sitting with open-mouths, as the books say) as Bach’s mighty ‘Toccata & Fugue in D’ filled the room.

    I think enough time has passed to now safely admit we consumed more than several drinks that day, as one organ warhorse followed another. (sigh)