Naked Femen attack on German Christmas service

Naked Femen attack on German Christmas service


norman lebrecht

December 26, 2013

An activist of the Femen group climbed half-naked on the altar of Cologne Cathedral during Christmas Mass. The words ‘I am God’ were painted on her body.



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Cardinal Meisner asked for the 20 year-old woman to be peacefully removed. Clerics covered her in their cloaks and the service proceeded without further disruption.


  • beandletbe says:

    What a sad , warped mind to do things like that. They should lock her away in a psychiatric institute.

    I’m not religious myself but I think its truly despicable to disturb other people like this during the service. People have to be very sick or very hateful to act like that.

    Beside this…why paint an English slogan on your body if you going to attack a German church?

  • David H. says:

    “Beside this…why paint an English slogan on your body if you going to attack a German church?”

    Femen is an international network of Female “terrorists”, their target audience is always worldwide. She was screaming German slogans though, right at the target, the picture was planned to be marketable worldwide. These are carefully planned actions. Time, place are strategically chosen.

    The Cardinal acted quite composed, they have by now plans, how to react in such situations. He included her into his prayers after the mass had continued.

    • Chris says:

      I suspect that she was a plant of those who wish to discredit women as silly sluttish bimbos.

      In this regard, the tableau in the cathedral was a success, and that at Christmas time, when

      all thoughts turn to the commercial.

  • If she is God, could she please do something to stop the killings in Syria, Africa, Iraq, Somalia ….

  • Brian says:

    For what it’s worth, Chris, “all thoughts” do not necessarily turn to the commercial. The “highlight” of my Christmas Day was being able to prepare a lovely meal to share with friends, a kind of “paying it forward.” Whether atheist, agnostic, or “mercenary Christian” (that’s me), I believe that all of us shared in what should be the spirit of the season.

    And, for the record, I find this desecration of a holy place such as the Cologne Cathedral, totally appalling (and no, I’m not Roman Catholic, just a fan of Robert Schumann).

  • That is a bad ivent,I think so.

  • Martin says:

    I like the cardinal’s comment after the incident: “We have reason to celebrate christmas and be joyful and therefore we sing and of course sometimes we have to shake our heads while doing so.”