How to win Met seats for $25 (if you don’t mind bad neighbours)

Our pair of New York ingenus, Elizabeth Frayer and Shawn E Milnes, went to see Der Rosenkavalier for the first time. Hardened Marschallin fanciers may find their observations a tad naive. But they’ve found a useful way of getting i to the Met at weekends for little more than the price of a movie. You don’t want to read how they do it? Oh yes, you do. Read here. But be warned: you get what you pay for.

rosen mariandel

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  • You could pay little more than $25 to sit in the Family Circle (no lottery and therefore you can plan when you want to attend) with most definitely a better class of person and class of listener and with better sound too. I have given up debating with the deaf the simple fact that the sound at the back of the orchestra is wretchedly constricted. Granted your eyesight needs to be good because it is a long way away “up there” but then again, if the opera is too long as Elizabeth seems to be suggesting one can nap in peace.

  • I assumed NL meant rather naughtily that “the bad neighbours” we risked sitting next to would be his favourite pair of juvenile gossip-columnists, but on reading their blog I found “I have no complaints about the seats wherever one ends up for $25, but fair warning the people in the lottery seating are often less well behaved I have found. More talking, snoring, shifting, groaning.” Without any apparent trace of irony, “Shawn” seems to be describing OTHER people and fails to tell us whether or not they include any coughing, spluttering, coughsweet-eating patrons deliberately bringing infectious viruses to share among other members of the audience as he did according to his gleeful account a few weeks ago.

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