Breaking: Bolshoi chief conductor quits – with immediate effect

Breaking: Bolshoi chief conductor quits – with immediate effect


norman lebrecht

December 02, 2013

Vasily Sinaisky, an excellent and experienced conductor, walked out today. No reason was given. A terse statement from Bolshoi general director Vladimir Urin said: ‘I decided to grant his request. Vasily Seraphimovich Sinai is not working at the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia.’

The resignation came two weeks ahead of a new production of Do Carlo that Sinaisky was supposed to conduct.

The Bolshoi is plunged once more into chaos. UPDATE: Here’s why he quit.


photo: Ria/Novosty/Lebrecht Music&Arts


  • PK Miller says:

    Hasn’t that become its natural state? Comment NOT entirely facetious. More intrigue BEHIND the scenes than on stage. But it seems a microcosm of Russia itself.

    • Lauren says:

      I was thinking a similar thing. Russia is, sadly, stuck between the communist (in the worst application of the principles) and gansta-capitalism and the arts cannot help but channel whatever circumstances it incubates within; the view of a certain opera “Diva” not withstanding. Putin’s pugilistic political philosophy is poisoning all aspects of Russian society. How can the arts and arts institutions not suffer as a result?

  • m2n2k says:

    Here is another recent story coming from the same “organization” or, if you prefer, “institution”:,0,145973.story#axzz2ltfVbTOB .