Arnold Schoenberg Centre loses its leader

Arnold Schoenberg Centre loses its leader


norman lebrecht

December 18, 2013

After 15 years of creating one of the best composer resources in the world, Christian Meyer is moving on. He’s 51 and has one more job in him. Meyer took charge 15 years ago when the archive was transferred from Los Angeles to Vienna. Read here.



  • sdReader says:

    It was a disgrace that L.A. allowed the loss of the archive, and I (separately) read yesterday that Werfel’s remains were also transferred from L.A. to Vienna, to that impersonal, non-central Friedhof.

    Btw, Norman, the “n” is missing in Schoenberg’s name.

  • David Boxwell says:

    The Centre is active, accessible to anyone interested in Schoenberg and his world (I spent an afternoon there in April, and I am not a professional musicologist), sponsors regular music concerts, and is a great part of Vienna’s cultural life.

  • Christian Meyer has done tremendous work in every area with the Centre. And as Mr Boxwell notes above, has done so with the general — and international — public in mind as well as scholars . Fifteen years is a very generous commitment of time.