Video: How to play Paganini with a two-inch bow

This is how.

h/t: David Hutchings

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  • Your postings are remarkably entertaining. Cheers.

  • Now I want to hear Caprice #1 with that bow! This shows that good bow control comes from being able to get the most out of the smallest amount of hair. Thank you for posting.

  • sixtus says:

    Clearly, size DOESN’T matter.

  • squirrel says:

    Ha! Now I want to hear Telemann’s “Gulliver Suite”

  • M.A. Steinberger says:

    Now use a bow that size on the Dvorak Cello Concerto.

  • I often tell my beginning violin students, “If you were supposed to use only 2″ of the bow, they’d make bows 2″ long.” I guess I’ll have to change that.

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