An engineering school without a music dept is about to stage Gruppen

Impossible? Believe.



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  • From the article, it seems the Institution not only has a music department (just not a music “major”) but an Orchestra and a concert band. A reasonable start for presenting a concert and the article also makes clear the attraction to some of the Stockhausen piece.

  • Good for them. And keep in mind that a lot of U.S. universities are full of good musicians who were smart enough not to go on to study music at the college level. When I lived in Boston I heard the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra give some terrific performances, and the Carnegie-Mellon orchestra do a knockout Turangalila.

    Music education is far too important a matter to be left to the conservatories.

  • I was in the audience (and brought my 7 year old daughter, who didn’t always like the loud unisons but did like the “hopping around” between the orchestras). They did the work complete justice twice, and for the second playing of it they encouraged the audience to move to a new location in Mechanics Hall which was an ideal venue (and WPI provided free admission and open seating). A remarkable afternoon.

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