Alberto Vilar is being held in a cell with no heating, books or music

This is the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, not one of Mr Putin’s jails. It’s a transit facility.

The convicted fraudster and former opera philanthropist is being held while a judge hears his appeal against having his bail revoked, suddenly and without good reason. The original trial judge Richard Sullivan, still on his case, decided he was a flight threat even though Vilar and his former partner Tanaka have shown no inclination to leave a warm apartment and an occasional seat at the Metropolitan Opera.

The judicial system, say Vilar’s friends, sucks. The lawyer’s petition seeks Sullivan’s removal from future hearings.

alberto vilar met

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  • At least I have books and music while I freeze to death here in bloody Scotland.

    But I’d prefer not to have to read about the US “judical” system all the time. So take away my internet and get me proper isolation, even an isolation cell. But then this is not one of Putin’s Siberian voter’s flats, it’s Mr. X’s from Glasgow! In Russia I could get rid of the internet, by posting fuck you Putin, here everybody would agree if I’d post that about our Prime minister. Ok, I’d still have no proper heating, but yeah you get my point – maybe. If not, just pay my heating bill anyway.

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