The doctor will see you now. She’s playing at Symphony Hall.

The doctor will see you now. She’s playing at Symphony Hall.


norman lebrecht

October 03, 2013

Louise Remedios is a general practitioner in Edward Elgar’s town, Malvern.

When she closes her practice for the day, she goes home to practice. The violin, that is.

Dr Louise (top left) is a violinist, a member of the European Doctors Orchestra. She will be playing at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall on November 24.

Louise Remedios 2


  • Dr Peter Lim says:

    Well, medicine and music are closely knit—both are healers.

    The powers of music cannot be over-stated—so many have benefited beyond measure.

    The good doctor is doing both–how laudable.

    I am a self-taught amateur fiddler.

  • Aaron Krosnick says:

    I well know the fact that there are doctors who are talented musicians. My father was a pediatrician who loved playing string quartets and was also a member of the first violin section of the New Haven Symphony for many, many years as well as serving as concertmaster of the Business and Professional Men’s Orchestra for a while in New Haven. A number of his quartet partners were also doctors, not to mention some professional musicians and assorted students from Yale Music School. His love for music strongly influenced me to become a professional musician (now retired).

    Aaron Krosnick

    PS: One of his fellow pediatricians got up at 6:00 AM in the morning to practice violin and piano sonatas with another doctor, who played piano very well.

  • Remedios is a great name for a doctor.