Classic poaches a BBC star

Classic FM has launched a smash-and-grab raid on one of Radio 3’s primes assets, the early music singer and presenter, Cate Bott.

Read all about it here.


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  • What’s the format? – illustrated talk? feature? discussion? interview? Why doesn’t the Classic FM piece say?

  • More money of course with Classic FM, and in half the North of England, including Yorkshire, you can’t get the station on a radio, only through your television! So who really cares, unless you’re glued to Classic FM. Personally I prefer Lyric FM, which I can get from Dublin, and they don’t have all those adverts, and don’t play the same CDs! In the end, I’d rather have Radio 3 any day. Shame she’s leaving the beeb.

    • You mean the same lyric fm that still advertises concerts a day or two after they’ve happened? And has a morning show which no longer plays any classical, bring hosted by an oldest swinger in town style dj who spent midst of his career as a pop dj? Lyric is utter rubbish even compared to classic fm.

      With a good radio and rooftop aerial you’ll get clear BBC radio in a lot of Dublin by the way.

  • 150-week series of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Classical Music. It’s enough to make people in Yorkshire switch on their televisions.

  • What a shame, I never listen to Classic FM, since my radio is permanently tuned to Radio 3. Why couldn’t they send the dreadful Katie Derham there instead, who not content with ruining the Proms TV transmissions, in her expensive frocks and bad enunciation. At present she is spoiling Weekday afternoons . YUK.

  • They’ve cut the early music shows from two to one. Lucie Skeaping also works on the early music show. There is less and less to distinguish dumbed down Radio 3 from Classic FM anyway

  • Catherine is definitely leaving Radio 3. She wrote on the (non-BBC) Radio 3 forum, ‘It goes without saying that the programme continues (albeit halved in output) in good hands and good heart, that I shall miss them all very much…’. . I’m sure Classic FM listeners will appreciate her warm humour and musical knowledge as much as Radio 3 listeners have – she will leave a huge gap. Radio 3’s silly fault – about time Classic FM started fighting back against BBC bullying.

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