Opera chief tells Denmark: you no longer have an opera

‘We have been through a war together these past few weeks,’ says Keith Warner, in a full and frank explanation of why he quit – twice – as head of the Royal Opera in Copenhagen. And it’s not just the Government cuts, he adds, though they were the trigger to his decision.

‘The cuts are a meaningless act of vandalism,’ says Keith, ‘the equivalent of taking a flick-knife to the Mona Lisa. ‘

Aside from the cuts, running the theatre meant taking countless ‘decisions over which I am given shallow choices, little real control and absolutely no respect.’ He paints a picture of political and administrative manipulation.

Don’t believe Borgen, Denmark’s gripping TV political drama. The reality is much worse. Read Keith’s passionate, defeated letter here.

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  • Let me try that again:
    If the arts are just a luxury, than all things likewise as in flowers, trees, rainbows, happiness; things that happen by themselves to bless the human condition, these are also just luxury and to be disregarded for some holy mission when times get rough.

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