Youtube's favourite pianist makes appearance in crime thriller

Valentina Lisitsa has gone, in the course of 2011, from nonentity to the very threshold of global stardom…. and there is another breakthrough coming soon. For the moment, here’s a page from Patricia Cornwell’s novel, Port Mortuary, and who’s that six lines up from the bottom of the page?

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  • Hi Norman, yes, that’s remarkable and fun. And there seem to be more delightful links to Valentina outside of the immediate realm of music. For instance earlier on I came across a quite popular free French language course on the internet that features an episode, lesson 134 – completely dedicated to Valentina. Here’s the links and some info on this lesson 134: “The subject of this lesson is a remarkable woman, born in the Ukraine but now a resident of the United States. Some say she has raised the bar of musical performance higher than anyone so far. Whether that is indeed true or not, let’s hear a role-play between Énora and Paul as they talk about Valentina Lisitsa. We’ll meet the following expressions, and more: couple le souffle, énerver, faire plaisir, mettre en valeur, jeter un coup d’oeil, être critique. The link:
    And here’s the direct link for listening to the dialogue of Paul et about Valentina in this French language course. Funny, isn’t it? 🙂

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