Why is Deborah Bull high-stepping it out of the Royal Opera House?

Why is Deborah Bull high-stepping it out of the Royal Opera House?


norman lebrecht

December 05, 2011

Four months ahead of the huge Olympic Festival seems an odd time for the director of ROH2 to swan off in pursuit of other interests.

Deborah, who has been responsible for small stages at Covent Garden, is becoming cultural partners director at King’s College, London. I don’t know what that is, but I’m sure she’ll let us know.

It is, however, much lower profile than her present role and, while I wish her all the very best, I do wonder what happened to persuade her that this was the perfect moment to be elsewhere. Could it be that the end-of-season retirement of her Royal Ballet mentor, Dame Monica Mason, will leave her feeling a little lonely and disgruntled?

Here‘s the ROH spin and here’s King’s College.



  • Adam says:

    I see no evidence of her (sic) “swanning off” or is that just what you call…..”journalism…..”

    If someone leaves a post, are they automatically “swanning off?”

  • Uri Liebrecht says:

    You say, and I would agree, lower profile. But if you look at the job spec doesn’t that boil down to keeping King’s alive for the 21st Century and isn’t the work of King’s rather more far-reaching than that of the ROH?:

    King’s Cultural Partners is a cross-disciplinary teaching and research initiative with innovative collaboration across the cultural sector at its heart. As Director, Deborah will provide leadership across the College in extending its already significant range of collaborative activities with the cultural and creative industries both within the UK and internationally, whilst negotiating new partnerships and brokering relationships between cultural institutions, academia and the arts in an academic setting.