Just in: Disaster looms at Denmark's national opera and ballet

Just in: Disaster looms at Denmark's national opera and ballet


norman lebrecht

December 31, 2011

The Royal Danish Theatre has announced budget cuts of 100 million kroner ($16.5 million) and 100 job losses. The chorus alone could lose 16 singers.

The Theatre has had a turbulent year, with a cover-up of drugs abuse in the ballet and the loss of artistic director Kaspar Holten to Covent Garden. Nevertheless, the end year cuts have come out of the blue.

Here’s a cri-de-coeur from staff conductor Jesper Nordin. Do send him messages of encouragement. We don’t like the Danes to be gloomy.




  • Sumajo says:

    Hard times. I wish them the best.

  • As a professioanl performer working in Denmark, I can tell you that the entertainment branch is suffering just as much as the retail and manufacturing industry. The financial crisis is hitting everyone and it is not really a surprise to many in this branch that the Royal Danish Theater has had to make some cut backs too. Just seems like maybe a few more front office jobs should be cut and not the talent!

    When you cut out the talent, you diminish the production value, which in turn will not increase the number of guests.

  • Servaas Le Compte says:

    Have to agree with Charlie Trylle.. One has to take in account the risk of letting go your artistic talent because that will cost a company more in the end. Hard to explain this, apparently, to decisionmakers. But very important to make this point!
    What does this amount of 100 mil represents compared to the total budget? What is the percentage of revenues. What is the total number of staff, artists, overhead, etc. What is the percentage of seats sold per production, what is the total number of public attendance on year or season basis. Wouldbe interesting to have these facts and figures.