Tip-off: Sibelius 8 fragments to receive public premiere in Manchester

I hear that the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra is first in line to perform the newly-discovered fragments of Sibelius’s missing eighth symphony in front of a live audience.

The score sheets have so far been played only in a video run-through at a Helsinki Philharmonic rehearsal session. But the Hel Phil’s chief conductor John Storgards is planning a Sibelius cycle in Manchester – and want it to be more complete than any before. The cycle will also be released on record.

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  • This news is profoundly moving – rarely do I shed tears about a musical story but to know some fragments did survive Sibelius’ utter loss of self-confidence in old age gets through one’s defences!. His music is as much a part of me of blood and bone, and the destruction of the 8th is as great a cultural loss to us as can be imagined – up there with the destruction of Liege’s cathedral and Cluny Abbey. I send my deep gratitude to all concerned.

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