Which modern American score did Glenn Gould call 'Mahler on acid'?

I have it on the authority of his record producer and good friend Paul Myers that the Canadian piano legend was deeply smitten with the music of David del Tredici. He called A Final Alice (conducted by Solti) ‘Mahler on acid’, a perfectly euphonious compliment.

Paul has a further secret to share about Glenn’s attire:  ‘Whenever he was to be photographed, he would, as instructed, arrive with a clean shirt, still in its pins and wrappings, but he didn’t own a tie, so what you saw was what I was wearing.’

(c) Don Hunstein/Lebrecht Music&Arts

Sony has just released a boxed set of Glenn on TV. Check those ties. Paul was ever a natty dresser.


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  • Growing up in Western Canada in the 1960s I can attest that Glenn Gould’s appearances on CBC television were greatly welcomed. I wonder how many performances of music on network television today could truly be said to be about nothing but the music…

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