Costa Rica drops conductor for costing too much… and being rude

The National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica will not be engaging Daniel Nazareth as chief conductor next season, and that’s official.

The reasons, given to La Nacion, is that Nazareth’s $60,000 salary would take up more than half the orchestra’s budget for conductors and soloists. Also, that the maestro has made remarks that are ‘disrespectful’ to local artists, officials and the country itself.

Nazareth, born in India, has been music director of the Teatro San Carlo, Naples, and the MDR radio orchestra in Leipzig.

He has yet to give his side of the story. But La Nacion seems to have the lowdown.


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  • It’s about time someone fired a conductor for those two reasons. It’s outrageous how much money they keep collecting when the musicians who make the actual music are told they have to get by on much less. And then these conductors are rude to the very people who make them look good and make it possible for them to live such good lives.

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