Breaking: Leading tenor in battle for his life after road accident (update)

Reports are coming in from Italy that Salvatore Licitra is in critical condition in hospital after a road accident.

Licitra, 43, a favourite at the Met since he stood in for a sick Pavarotti in 2002, is in hospital in Catania after a smash-up on his Vespa. He suffered cranial injuries and underwent emergency surgery. ANSA reports that the accident happened at 2230 Saturday night. Licitra’s Chinese girlfriend (unnamed) escaped with light bruises.

Say a prayer for his recovery.

Here’s La Reppublica‘s report.

Grave il tenore Licitra ferito in un incidente

LATEST: A statement has just appeared on Licitra’s website:

Dear friends of Salvatore Licitra,

Here is to inform that Salvatore Licitra suffered a severe traffic accident late Saturday night, August 27, in Modica (Ragusa, Sicily). He was brought to Garibaldi di Catania hospital where he is treated for his serious injuries.

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  • Dear Salvatore, I am praying for you, for a speedy and full recovery! So sorry to hear about the accident.

  • Prayers for a speedy and full recovery! A terrible thing to happen to such a young man with so much going for him.

  • Wishing Salvatore a lot of courage, quick and successful recovery, strengths and I pray for HIM and his parents. I am sad but hope for the best!

  • Salvatore, I was so terribly sorry to hear of your recent accident and hospitalization. My thoughts and prayers are will you for a quick and total recovery.

  • Just saw you in Tosca at the Met. Was visiting my best friend in NYC, just after my father passed away. Your performance helped me in my grief. You are strong, and I pray for your recovery. Play lots of music, as it is a great pathway to the healing of the brain – I saw this with my mother. Best wishes.

    • Dear Salvatore,

      So saddened to hear about your serious accident.Herewith my heartfelt prayers for a very speedy recovery and much love too ,from my beloved Homeland Sri Lanka. You have such a beautiful voice and a very likeable personality. God Bless you always.Your singing in harmony with Marcello Alvarez in the CD ‘Duetto’ is so memorable Salvatore. God Speed your recovery. Take Care. Your Sri Lankan Fan Toujours, Ransie

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