Violinist rejects cancellation lie: I am not unwell, he insists, I just hate the hype (update)

Violinist rejects cancellation lie: I am not unwell, he insists, I just hate the hype (update)


norman lebrecht

July 19, 2011

You can always trust Gidon Kremer to do things his way, sometimes without full regard for his own best interests.

So when the Verbier Festival announced that he had withdrawn from a star-studded concert on grounds of ill-health, after Martha Argerich had done much the same, Kremer stalked around for a while with furrowed brows and then fired off a public missive at the festival, declaring himself perfectly fit. What he can’t bear, he says, is the ‘star hype’.

He contrasts Verbier unfavourably to the modest Lockenhaus Festival, which he left this weekend after 30 years as director.

The letter is not altogether to the point, but then Kremer is not Tolstoy. You can read his letter here in the original English text sent to this site by Mr Kremer.

Here’s the key paragraph, a direct appeal from Kremer to music lovers not to believe what the music industry tells us. Go, Gidon….

Dear friends and music lovers,

I am still fine. And I do hope to be around for a while. Sorry if this could be perceived as a challenge. There are many “good behaving” artists, who are obediently following the imposed “rules of the game” with endless hope that this will somehow lead them to “success”.


  • Andrew says:

    I like this too from his letter:

    Um ein wirklicher Künstler zu werden, um sein Talent zu pflegen und seinen eigenen Weg im Leben und der Musik zu finden, braucht es ZEIT und MÜHE.

  • asta says:

    Danke, Maestro.

  • Kapell says:

    For those few of us not fluent in German, a translation would be appreciated.

    • Robertsky says:

      ” Dear friends and music lovers,
      to me it’s still very good. More than that – I hope I have for some time will be with you. I’m sorry if this claim looks like a provocation. There are many artists who are “well behaved”, which imposed on them following the “rules” to be “successful”. Some of these artists are (to me) obvious victims of today’s music industry. “

  • Sanyi says:

    Gidon can be an honorary Australian anytime. As we say: “Stop bullshitting & Cut the crap”

    and Gidon did just that :o))))