Is this the biggest ever Mahler Eighth?

There were 1,140 performers last night in Valery Gergiev’s performance in Ljubljana, the town in Slovenia where Mahler landed his first job (see Why Mahler? for more)

That could be a record. Stokowski had 1,068 in Philadelphia in 1916 and Mahler himself a mere 1,029 in Munich.

Anyone done it bigger? Let me know, if so.

Here’s a report from Ljub by Branimir Profuk. Itis in Croatian.  The headline reads: “Magnificient music sounded on the Congress square where Mahler himself was walking 130 years ago”.  Google-translate can help with the rest.

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  • It was a great night of (and for) Mahler & Slovenia (& Croatia – the musicians performing were from both states)! Especially after reading through Why Mahler? 🙂 … the whole event was simply a classic! Great to know that you are keeping track of the Ljubljana staging of the eight!

    Greetings from Slovenia.

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