Freak throat accident knocks lead mezzo out of Salzburg (update)

The Austrian mezzo-soprano Elisabeth Kulman has been rushed to hospital in Bochum after being hit accidentally in the larynx by an unnamed colleague during rehearsals for Tristan und Isolde in the Ruhr Triennale.

She suffered loss of voice and has been ordered complete rest for the remainder of the summer. Details here and here.

‘I am totally shocked,’ she said in a statement.  ‘The throat is a singer’s most sensitive body part, her achilles heel.’

Ms Kulman was due to sing Orfeo in Gluck’s opera in Salzburg, conducted by Riccardo Muti.

Update: She has just announced that she is back home in Vienna, starting the slow process of recuperation. We wish her well, and soon.

A portrait of Elisabeth Kulman

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