Chorus conductor killed in rehearsal

Terrible story just in from Germany.

The Swiss conductor Carl Robert Helg was killed while rehearsing a farewell gala performance in Karlsruhe for the director of Baden State Theatre.

It appars he had climbed up a lighting gantry on Saturday to get a better overview of the choirs and suffered a fatal fall. More details here.

Carl Robert Helg at one of his conducting engagements.  He was formerly choir director in Wiesbaden and many of his commitment to the "L'Opera Piccola" Bad Schwalbach known.  Photo: private


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    • It is generally assumed here that it was no accident ,but suicide.Police invistigation points in this direction.
      Among opera people it was a bareyly hidden fact that Mr.Helg suffered from severe depression during the last months.However it may have been,it is horrible to lose a well respected and beloved colleague under such harrowing circumstances.

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