Abbado, cautiously, gives himself clean bill of health

Abbado, cautiously, gives himself clean bill of health


norman lebrecht

July 10, 2011

In a rare interview, the conductor Claudio Abbado talks about his state of health. Ravaged by stomach cancer 11 years ago, he has adjusted his lifestyle and appears, at 78, to be in good condition. He takes a gentle question from Julia Spinola of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and deals with it:

Ist es indiskret, wenn ich Sie frage, wie es Ihnen mittlerweile gesundheitlich geht? Aussehen tun Sie jedenfalls blendend.

Es geht mir viel besser. Ich brauche natürlich sehr viel Disziplin, vor allem beim Essen. Aber auch beim Arbeiten. Ich gebe nicht mehr so viele Konzerte: Berlin, Luzern, Orchestra Mozart – das war es schon fast. Und dort entstehen dann auch die Aufnahmen.

(It’s going much better for me. Naturally, I need to observe strict discipline, especially in how I eat. And in my work. I don’t give many concerts any more: Berlin, Lucerne, the Mozart orchestra – that’s just about it. And then there are the recordings.)

That’s a pretty positive outlook, and very good news for all who appreciate his intense, introspective way with great works of music.


Claudio Abbado, wie Burkhard Neie ihn sieht

Claudio Abbado, by Burkhard Neie (


  • The Unrepentant Pelleastrian says:

    I am glad to hear of his improving health…. but what is it with Burkhard Neie and that horrendous photo of Maestro Abbado!