Extraordinary results in the Tchaikovsky competition

Extraordinary results in the Tchaikovsky competition


norman lebrecht

June 30, 2011

Narek Hakhnazaryan, the Armenian soloist who was humiliated by a Russian conductor, won gold in the cello.

No first prize for violin – silver medal shared between Itamar Zorman (Israel) and Sergei Dogadin (Russia).

Daniil Trifonov won the hotly contested piano gold.


Two South Koreans – Sun Young Seo and Jong Min Park – won the two vocal awards. Is Korea now the hottest musical nursery on earth?


  • Kapell says:

    If one were to venture a guess ( which, with $ 5 more , gets you a Starbucks special ) , one would note Son played Op.111 as her first work in the Competition (!!), and the wandering , difficult Schumann “Humoresque” ( and not as well as Cho ), and then made her big splash with Tchaikovsky -Feinberg , Kapustin, and Liszt, whereas Trifonov indulged only in Liszt ” Mephisto” , otherwise wonderful Scriabin and Prokofieff 3rd Sonatas , the Chopin Op.25, Scarlatti,Haydn , and the Chopin “Berceuse”. Musical and repetoire Advantage Trifonov.They co-won the Mozart concerto Round. Both had to play the PIT Pico # 1, but then Trifonov played his specialty Chopin E Minor while Son had the Rach 3 before a jury who heard Rach 3 three times. Son emulating Lang Lang ? Or a jury of actual pianists with ample techniques went with the more musicial of the two ? Or Trifonov was too cute ?

    On to Foat Wuth 2013 ? No ! When is Leeds ?


  • Rosana Martins says:

    I am very happy with the results! Trifonov was by far the most interesting pianist and Narek, the best cellist (sound, phrasing, personality).
    I haven’t heard the singers yet, but Asians have been winning top prizes at most competitions, excepting the Chopin in Warsaw. It’s about time the Tchaikovsky Competition include women and Asians in the jury!