Do they know what they're doing? Coldplay endorse Free Palestine song

Do they know what they're doing? Coldplay endorse Free Palestine song


norman lebrecht

June 01, 2011

On their Facebook today, the British group declare solidarity with their pro-Pal colleagues who have made a new campaign record.


‘Some of our friends are involved in OneWorld’s new ‘Freedom for Palestine’ single – you can find out more at‘ – is what they write.

Coldplay are, I think, the first major group to embrace the PLO/Hamas agenda.


  • LightninRon says:

    I feel sorry for the British people, most of whom have no access to real news. They’ve all been brainwashed by the “Israeli atrocities” the BBC makes up.

  • Jeff says:

    What a shame, they are good musicians. I can’t understand why they would want to be propoganda stooges for terrorists. That video presents such an absurd view of the situation. Anyone who endorses is is obviously naive and easily duped.

  • Aviram Becker says:

    The answer is obvious. Coldplay just want to come off as liberals and right now “Free Palestine” is the s**t!

  • Adi says:

    don’t forget U2’s “Palestinian Dream” during the Obama inauguration concert, probably in your narrow mind that’s also be considered promoting Hamas agenda

  • Havergal says:

    Thanks, LightninRon, for giving us all a chuckle so early in the morning. No chance of nuanced view of world events from you, hey?

  • oren says:

    such a shame, i really loved them!
    i think they shoulld be ashamed – using their power for this
    i wonder what will they think after spanding one day in israel
    i wanna see them live under the threat of palastin and the hamas 247

  • yt says:

    what the hell? I didn’t realize this site caters to a similar audience as Fox New in the U.S. When did the Brits get all pro-Israel?

  • Drew Lewis says:

    yt, when they saw through the lies disseminated in the name of ‘Palestine’.