Is this the most expensive concert yet?

Is this the most expensive concert yet?


norman lebrecht

May 06, 2011

A friend has sent me details of an upcoming event at the Philharmonie in Cologne, a date that has me quivering with excitement, among other emotions.

The concert is scheduled for July 2 and the cheapest tickets to be had will be charged to your credit card at… wait for it … 163 Euros. That’s $236. No doubt with a partial view and someone’s knees sticking in the small of your back.

If you can’t bear sitting in the Gods, there are better seats on offer at Euros 221, 278.50, 356.50 and 443.00. That’s $642 for a front seat.

I like those .50s. Show a lot of thought has gone into the pricing. Hands up, please, the little genius in the Cologne box-office. Here’s the link.

Now what do you get in return for this king’s ransom? An evening of arias from Mrs and Mrs Opera – no, not the newly reconciled Alagnas but the gloriously domesticated Anna Netrebko and partner Erwin Schrott, stars of stage and multiplex live relays.

It’s going to be a great night in July and I truly wish I could be there, but aren’t these two asking a little much for their services? I mean, even Pavarotti with pole-dancers in the park never cost this kind of fortune. Has no-one told Treb there’s a recession on?

Her agents at Universal must be overjoyed at the sting. Pass me the smelling salts. Make it O for Cologne.

No, let’s get serious. If you have issues about the pricing, Ask Anna (below) or donate direct to her charities.



  • Brian Hughes says:

    One word describes these prices: obscene.