Danes denounce Brazil conductor – but work with him anyway

Danes denounce Brazil conductor – but work with him anyway


norman lebrecht

May 31, 2011

It appears that the condemnation by Danish musicians of the Brazilian Roberto Minczuk was more ethical than practical.

The Odense Symphony Orchestra will start working with Minczuk tomorrow, unwilling to break an existing contract (they should read this in Berlin). The orchestra chairman told local media that the players had made their views known about Minczuk’s tratment of their colleagues in Brazil but they were obliged to respect legal commitments.

They start rehearsal tomorrow of the fourth symphony by Poul Ruders, which will be released on Bridge Records. Minczuk gave the work its world premiere in Dallas.


  • Ademir dos Anjos says:

    May it be the case to study changes in the laws governing those contracts. Ultimately, it should be possible for musicians to apply harsher penalties to those who threaten the exercise of their profession. We hope that in future such things do not happen again, but the truth is that class defense mechanisms should be developed against people like Minczuk.

  • Per Sorensen says:

    As a danish citizen and a musician I feel ashamed of such statements saying that Mr. Minczuk is not welcome in DK. Of couse he is always welcome and he is not threatening any anyone in DK.

    We have worked together and he is an exceptional conductor, this is probably the reason people are attacking him.

    Not sure what Mr. dos Anjos is talking about, it looks like he is completely lost in the context, we do not need your opinion in how to make contracts,



    • Clarice Martins says:

      Concerning to Mr. Sorensen’s comment, it’s the opinion of one danish citizen against the opinion of an entire danish orchestra. I go with te orchestra. And, believe me, I do know what I am talking about.

      Although Mr. Sorensen may think that Mr. Dos Anjos is completely lost in the context when talking about Mr. Minczuk and contracts this is not the case. In fact he is not the only one who is talking about it and it’s worth remembering that Mr. Minczuk and Mr. De Carvalho Filho are both being invited by our Congressmen to provide information concerning allegations of irregularities in the contract and the transfer of public funds and tax exemptions from the Orchestra Sinfonica Brasileira (OSB) – you can check the information out at the Brazilian government’s site, here: http://www.camara.gov.br/internet/sileg/Prop_Detalhe.asp?id=500423 and here: http://www.camara.gov.br/internet/sileg/Prop_Detalhe.asp?id=502436

      Mr. Dos Anjos seems to know what he’s talking about. I have my doubts about whether Mr. Sorensen is not a little lost himself.

  • Ademir dos Anjos says:

    Ok, I hope it never happen to anybody in Danmark what happened in Rio de Janeiro. And, for the record, I wasn’t giving my opinion in how you should do your contracts. I said that it should be possible to musicians to express disproval in a more effective way than just wirting letters. Otherwise, no matter how they repudiate an atitude, they will still have to face people they do not want to. And, ‘esceptional conductor’? I think we are talking about different persons here…

  • AVI says:

    What ways had you in mind for “musicians to express disproval in a more effective way”? What are the things you’d like musicians to be able to do?

    Do those things sit harmoniously alongside most musician’s contracts; and if you support a reinforcement of sanctions available to musicians to apply against their management (say), would you also support a similar reinforcement of sanctions available to management to apply to musicians? – or is this a one-sided request?


  • Ricardo Prins says:

    Strikes are allowed in many working situations, if I am not mistaken. We have seen that a lot lately, and we see that all over the world whenever the situation gets bad. Do I need to quote from news all over the world supporting that?

    I know that the Danish situation is a bit different from a strike – but not being able to express their opinions and desires because of a “contract”? Come on…what matters now? I can only imagine what would happen if the same mediocre actions of this mediocre maestro were done over there…what would be the reaction?

  • Marcos Castro says:

    If you like him so much and think he’s an exceptional conductor, please hire him immediately! Do the brazilians a favour, but expect to re-audiction any time, should he disliked you.