These are your Artists of the Decade

The reconstituted Classic (formerly Classical) Brits have announced their first award.

The Artist of the Decade is… sound of envelope ripping …. Il Divo!!!!!
Apparently they have sold 25 million records worldwide and are signed to Simon Cowell’s label.
Cowell pulls most significant strings in the sad old music business these days.
So the four boys in bland are crowned as epochal artists.
Emigrations to another planet are expected to rise exponentially.

                              Cowell and his boys. Picture: Daily Mail. all rights reserved

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  • What musical snobs you are. Music is in the ear of the beholder, and whatever brings someone joy should not be denigrated by those who don’t agree.

  • I am staying on Earth, thank you! The only thing I have sent to another planet is an “Il Divo” CD, with the blessing of our program director and my on-air colleagues. Nobody at WCNY could bear to program it, and no listeners requested it after some five years on our shelves. Made an excellent Frisbee, and my only regret is that it’s not in the orbit of Mars…although the Martians never did anything to deserve such an invasion of their airspace! ūüėČ

  • Got given their first cd. Played once. Have now ‘donated’ it to a charity shop…Kulchur? Wait, while I reach for my gun…O! the horror….

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