Sell a violin and save Japan

The Nippon Music Foundation has put one of its most exclusive violins up for sale to raise money for earthquake and tsunami relief. The Lady Blunt Stradivarius was bought for around $10 million in 2008 and is expected to fetch at least as much at auction in June via online dealers, Tarisio. The Lady Blunt, once owned by a descendant of Lord Byron, dates from 1721, prime period for the Stradivarius workshop in Cremona.

It is one of 16 Stradivarius instruments owned by the Foundation. Most are loaned out for concert use to eminent soloists around the world. The rest are listed here.

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  • And there are fools who will
    pay that much to own an
    “name” instrument .One can
    only watch all the hype that
    will be written about this “rare”
    instrument.The human condition
    in its worst light .

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