News just in: Brazil orchestra swoops on British musicians

Amid deepening confusion, with the music director insisting that no-one would be fired when all players are re-auditioned for their jobs, an inquiry was received late yesterday at the Association of British Orchestras from a caller claiming to represent the Brazil Symphony Orchestra.

The caller asked for urgent advice from the ABO how and where to notify British musicians to apply for a round of auditions at the Brazil Symphony Orchestra.

I suspect musicians in other countries are also being canvassed. Please let me know if you or your association has been approached.
I suspect also that musicians in Brazil are not being told the whole truth.

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  • Dear Mr. Lebrecht,
    although they are not telling us the truth, every musician knows his intentions to fire everyone and hire new international musicians.
    The “voluntary resignation plan” had 35 spots! Was he expecting that almost half orchestra would join it!??? If so, he would contract more internacional musicians… So easy, isn`t it?
    That`s why everybody is so angry with all this.
    We are not afraid of auditions. But this auditions won`t be a fair one!

  • The website Musical Chairs lists several audition postings for this orchestra. Are these advertised positions related to this controversy or would they have been international postings anyway?

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