News Break: Arts Council England – first word of the big grants

News Break: Arts Council England – first word of the big grants


norman lebrecht

March 30, 2011

My first leak of the morning gives a rundown on the ACE’s five biggest clients.

Royal Opera House
National Theatre
Royal Shakespeare Company
all three are hit by above average, double-figure cuts. Numbers coming soon.
English National Opera gets a standstill grant, on the grounds that any cut ould jeopardise its recovery.
Most contentiously, the South Bank Centre receives a standstill grant – in recognition of its far-too cosy relationship with Arts Council England.

More details and commentary to follow


  • Allan Beavis says:

    It will be the smaller, more diverse groups and those outside London which will face obvlivion.
    Of course these big, grand institutions need subsidy – they are expemsive to run, especially opera but it is also these organizations that will attract private and corporate sponsors.
    The budget really was a re-distribution of wealth across the board where the most vulnerable and needy (including those in the arts) have their life line cut off.
    We shouldn’t blame the ACE and those in receipt of grants should not crow and think about their fellow colleagues who will now sink. Blame the government.