Pause for a poet murdered in the Moscow bomb

Anna Yablonskaya, who lost her life in the Moscow airport outrage, was not a political activist. Privately, she loathed the leaders of Russia and Ukraine but she made few public statements and stuck to what she did best, writing plays and poems. On her blog, a month ago, she wrote: ‘it seems to me that I have very little time.’
Yablonskaya was a pseudonym. The name on her passport was Anna Grigorievna Mashutina.
The violent death of a poet should give us all pause. A minute’s silence at noon? 
Here are two friends’ tributes in Moscow News:

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  • The Moscow bombing was an atrocity, of course, but the silencing of such a promising young talent is one of the saddest things about it. Count me in, Norman; I will stop work at noon Eastern time today for a moment of silence, and I have just asked all my Facebook friends to join me. Thank you for remembering Yablonskaya, and for the suggestion.

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