Slightly less bad hair in Birmingham

The Guardian reports that arts cuts by Birmingham Council have been agreed at 17 percent, down from £12m to £10.1 million, which is nowhere near Monday’s leaked worst-case scenario.

The cake is not being evenly sliced. Birmingham Royal Ballet takes an 18% hit, Birmingham Opera loses 15% but the flagship City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra is pinched by just nine percent. This looks to me like a triumph for intensive lobbying and solid good sense in Britain’s second largest city.

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  • Not such a triumph for the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG), who have lost all their funding.
    In addition to being a world-class contemporary music ensemble, BCMG’s Sound Investments scheme allows lovers of contemporary music to sponsor leading composers to produce new works.
    We really can’t afford to lose a resource that appears to be doing something that no one else is doing.

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