And now for something completely different – free download #6

For Christmas Day, a special treat – a new recording that has not yet been released.
Coming up from Orchid in February is a pair of Russian seasonal landscapes, played on a virtuosic squeeze box.
Hmmmmm …. goes well with the mulled wine.
Click here:
Preview: ORC100016 – WINTER SKETCHES
Prokofiev: Scherzo
Mussorgsky/Mogensen: In the Village
Bjarke Mogensen (accordion)

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  • I’m used to all the “Lady of Spain” jokes and jazz musicians’ one-liners about accordions; this gives the lie to them all. Both selections are terrific, but I especially like the Mussorgsky, which takes advantage of all the colors that this often-maligned instrument can deliver in the right hands. I almost swore I was hearing an orchestra in some passages! This is no mere “squeeze box”–I was astonished, and I think others will be, too. Worth the extra effort to get it, Norman; thanks to you and Orchid!

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