Greetings from Mahler's town of Jihlava (Iglau)

Greetings from Mahler's town of Jihlava (Iglau)


norman lebrecht

December 24, 2010

Showing the new Mahler statue and Mahler park, on the site of the desecrated synagogue. More details here and here (or here).


  • Marie Lamb says:

    Although the photo didn’t show on the blog, I saw the ones you took that are in your article. I am glad to see the efforts that have been made to restore Mahler’s birthplace and his boyhood home,
    and to hear of the park built in his memory. However, I understand what Jiri Stilec says about “a message of a lost harmony — among the nations who once lived here, Czechs, Germans and Jews. Now, only Czechs live here.” It bothers me that no synagogue was built to replace the destroyed one, and I’m not even Jewish. I am glad for what has been done, but I feel it won’t be complete until that step is taken; I hope it will be in some way, if only out of fairness.