Mr Stephen Sondheim submits two anagrams

Mr Stephen Sondheim submits two anagrams


norman lebrecht

October 22, 2010

I’ve had an email from Mr Sondheim, submitting two self-anagrams. The first, which he credits to Jonathan Tunick, is

Sondheim = He opens the mind.

The other, anonymous, is:

Sondheim = He pens demon hits.


Hmmmm. Other notable contributions to best composer anagrams, ever.

From Jeremy Sams:

Elgar is of course regal and often large. Haydn , being efficient is handy… But Mozart being all embracing is Mr a to z.


And from Lowell Liebermann:

Camille Saint Saens = A Satanic Illness Me


Keep them coming. Andrew Lloyd Webber looks ripe for the ana-plucking.


Wally d’ wonder rebbe?





  • Laurence Glavin says:

    There are numerous anagram generators on the internet. I entered ‘Frederick Delius’ and the result was “Clef Dr. I reside UK”. I suppose any composer can be a clef dr; Delius may have been born in the UK and buried there, but in-between he preferred the USA.
    NL adds: Very true. And he resided mostly in France. Don’t think he was a Dr, either.

  • jumbo w-j says:

    Harry Birtwistle’s is my favourite…..’orrible warts n shit… no offense Harry!