Latest gloom from the Low Country

Latest gloom from the Low Country


norman lebrecht

October 06, 2010

Arts unions in the Netherlands are organising a mass rally in The Hague this Friday to protest a wave of government cuts that will abolish three orchestras and reduce several more.

Here’s the agenda, if you are in the area:

 Juliëtte Dufornee

Location: het Plein, Den Haag (naast het Binnenhof)
DRESSCODE: Concert dress

11.00 Meeting at het Plein 

11.30-12.30 Speeches and music (some stars are promising to play).


Petition presented to Parliament.

Mozart wind serenade played by students of the Royal Conservatorium whose future is being foreshortened.



Meanwhile the pricipal horn player of the radio chamber orchestra, Laurens Otto, has issued an international solidarity appeal


Dear music friends around the world,

The new Dutch government announced that it is their intention to close down ENTIRELY the Muziek Centrum v/d Omroep, which includes Het Metropole Orkest, Het Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, De Radio Kamer Filharmonie, Het Groot Omroepkoor en de Muziekbibliotheek. The proposal is not been passed as of this moment, but if it does, 3 orchestras and a professional choir will become unemployed. This is not a reduction in salary or other contractual issues, it is a decision that will close the door on the entire Radio orchestra organization and forever harm the entire cultural sector both here, and in other countries.This is a very serious concern for us here in Holland, but should be also a concern for those of you who value the arts, and tradition all across the globe. These politicians care very little for the “Left-wing hobbies” and wish to see these luxuries (so named) removed from their “progressive” society. Please, in any way possible, support the musicians here in Holland and be extra vigilant with the preservation of your own orchestral and musical culture. WE CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN!! Please support the orchestras in any way possible and follow them on Facebook and on the web.

please let yourself hear and react on the following page:

and join the facebookgroup:

Kind regards,

Laurens Otto
Principal Horn Radio Kamerfilharmonie
Muziekcentrum van de Omroep – Laat u horen!
Muziekcentrum van de Omroep


  • Paola Farneti says:

    sono una corista non professionista, ma molti dei miei amici sono musicisti e cantanti di professione , per solidarietà con tutti i lavoratori dello spettacolo firmo anche io questa petizione.