Sony ratchets up Lang Lang gadget war

Sony ratchets up Lang Lang gadget war


norman lebrecht

September 03, 2010

No sooner did I reveal what Lang Lang is forbidden to talk about on live radio than Sony Corp launched a new music streaming system in Europe to challenge Apple on a new front. It’s called Qriocity and, like most gimmicks with silly names, it is unlikely to last long.

Bloomberg thought the timing and the marketing were both wrong. The main purpose of the European launch seems to be keeping the war with Apple alive until one side or other comes up with a killer app.

What this tribal skirmish means for Sony’s artist slaves is stricter discipline. Two radio producers have contacted me to say that not only is Lang Lang prevented from mentioning i-Pads and other Apple products, but presenters who interview him live on air are required to give a prior undertaking that they will not mention Apple devices in their questions.

If I am asked to agree to such self-censorship I will refuse. I urge others to join me. This may help keep Sony artists off air until the company comes to its senses. Sorry about that, Yo Yo.


  • Paul H. Muller says:

    The past cannot control the future, try as they may…

  • M.Villeger says:

    “This may help keep Sony artists off air until the company comes to its senses”
    A chance for others to be heard?

  • William Lang says:

    This is standard practice in the business world. When you agree to money (lots of it in Lang Lang’s case) you agree to conditions with it.
    Sony is paying a lot to him to represent their products, and to increase their market share. Lang Lang has a choice. He can quit and give up the money so he can talk about Apple all he wants, or he can just not talk about iPads.
    The name is stupid though. Qriosity? You’re right, it’s not going to last long!