Anybody seen Alberto Vilar?

Anybody seen Alberto Vilar?


norman lebrecht

May 09, 2007

They took his name off the Floral Hall at Covent Garden today and replaced it with Paul Hamlyn’s, a deceased publisher whose foundation kicked in the £10 million (that’s $20m in Met equivalents) that cheeky Al promised the Royal Opera House but never paid.
Well, never paid in full. He kicked in a couple of million, before the hi-tech hedge find ran dry and Alberto stopped returning calls. The Hamlyn money has been ring-fenced for education (which was also Vilar’s intent), and I suppose that means all ends happily ever after – pending the possible fraud trial of which nothing has been heard for ages.
Sad, really. Vilar came on the scene at a really important moment for the ROH. He made his pledge at a time when the place was a building site and the newly elected Blair government were not going to let it reopen unless the books balanced. They were £10 million short. Vilar’s promissory note made all the difference. He does not deserve to be erased from history.
If you’re out there, Alberto, drop a line to say, Hi.
And that goes for you, too, Karen.


  • Jeremy King says:

    Karen does not know any Alberto Vilar. Alberto who? Avec moi?

  • Miriam Gourze - Excell Systems Management says:

    Where is Millionaire Philantrophist ALBERTO VILAR ?
    That question has been asked to many times by so many of my Cuban- American friends……….I tell them I do not know………..does anyone know what is going on with this man who wanted to be remembered for his love of The Fine Arts ?
    It is sad to see how when Alberto Vilar gave his MILIONS everyone loved and wanted to be his friend………..the thing is what about now when he has fallen from Fame and Fortune…?
    Where is Mr Vilar in August 2007?
    Inquisitive minds want to know……..
    Miriam Etienne

  • Paul says:

    Mr. Vilar is in NYC under house arrest awaiting trial scheduled for Sept. 2008.

  • Rick Sandifer says:

    Yes hes has been sighted. He can now be reached at:
    Alberto Vilar #57828-054
    150 PARK ROW
    NEW YORK, NY 10007

  • trackademe says:

    Karen Painter is back with her law-professor husband Richard W. Painter. They now have three children and all three born after the Vilar scandal. Both Painters are now on the faculty at University of Minnesota. (This is all public info, incidentally, available at their respective UMN faculty pages.) Just some raw materials for the internal dramas one might begin to imagine though best not to speculate about in public.

    • Karen says:

      You’ve got to love this twist in the L’affaire Painter: Richard Painter began an affair with Professor Claire O. Finkelstein (Penn University) in March 2019, but he has not left Karen. Yet!

      • Jennifer says:

        Whoa! This Painter household clearly has a serious issue with home-wrecking infidelity. Unless Richard, Karen, and Claire are involved in a menage-a-trois!! Who has the latest scoop?

  • Ortizmista says:

    When Alberto had and gave millions, he had millions of friends.
    Now he he have nothing…he have no friends.
    Do you learn the lesson?

  • Walter Pfaeffle says:

    Fraud without victims: In the Vilar case, US prosecutors twisted the facts in a way that left the jury no choice but to convict. These jurors never learned during the seven-week trial that more than enough money was left in the accounts to make all so called victims whole. These poor folks for whom Mr Vilar made millions are still waiting to be paid. The problem is the government wants to keep the money. It’s called forfeiture. Mr Vilar is appealing. Since February, he has a new home where he spends his time reading books, mostly on technology, medicine and history. He is also studying German! Alberto gets few visitors because the camp is in the middle of nowhere.
    Here is his new address:
    Alberto Vilar #57828-054
    FCI Fort Dix Satellite Camp
    P.O. Box 2000
    Fort Dix, New Jersey 08640
    NL: Many thanks for this perspective.