Anna Netrebko’s timely advice

December 3, 2017 by norman lebrecht


From the diva’s Instagram account today.

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  1. DrummerMan says:

    who could argue with that!

  2. Hugh Jaarsz says:

    Safer than what?

    1. Bruce says:

      Sex with a condom = safer than sex without a condom.

      …since you asked.

    2. Ungeheuer says:

      Safer than safe. Which translates to none. It’s a Russian anti-gay scare campaign.

  3. Lawrence Kershaw says:

    Does this ghastly woman wear anything that doesn’t require animals to be slaughtered?

    1. The Epicure says:

      I’m assuming you don’t eat meat.

      1. Bruce says:

        or wear leather

    2. martain smith says:

      …from here it looks disgustingly false!
      If fur, then real please – at least its biodegradable!
      She’s maybe being PC!
      How are your plastic shoes holding up?

  4. Samuel Smith says:

    Russian made Toggies would not be reliable at all if that crook Putin had anything to do with them. Wear only British Standard London Rubber Company by appointment to HRH Prince of Wales, they worked fine with Frodo.

  5. Ben says:

    She is giving public service advice to YW about work-place safety. Bravo.

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